Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home Depot Garden Club

I consider gardening part of my food-blogging efforts because so many awesome fruits and vegetables can be grown right in your own backyard. We've moved since last summer so I have less room to work with this year and am having to plant less vegetables and do more in pots. Although I'm a bit sad to have to downsize I am glad that we will still be able to have fresh tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, zucchini and cilantro a bit later in the summer.

If you are a backyard gardener, whether you favor vegetables, fruits or flowers The Home Depot Garden Club is something you should be a part of. When you join the Garden Club, you will get money-saving offers and time-saving tips. You have the opportunity to ask the experts questions, get savings delivered right to your inbox and find the latest timely tips and regional advice. I also get a mailer about once a quarter in my mailbox with several coupons and tips included.

Here is an interesting tip included in the latest one I received: To clean your barbecue grill, cover the rack with aluminum foil while it's cool, then close the lid and heat up the grill. After about 15 minutes, turn off the grill, bunch up the foil and run the racks with it to remove residue. Sign up now for free and see what deals and tips you can find for your summer gardening and grilling!


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