Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beef & Veggie Stew

Serves: 6

1 lb. beef meat, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
3 medium potatoes, cut into pieces
3 carrots, peeled and cut in thick pieces
1/2 onion, cut into pieces
1 can (15 oz.) tomato sauce
1 can (14 oz.) beef broth
1 1/4 c. spicy tomato juice
1/2 t. oregano
1/4 t. basil

Crock pot: Combine all ingredients in crockpot. Cook on high for 6-8 hours or until vegetables are tender.
Stove top: In a large pot, brown beef in a small amount of oil for 6-8 minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Heat to boiling; reduce heat and simmer 45 minutes - 1 hour or until vegetables are tender.

Tips: This stew was very tasty but not spicy in case the hot tomato juice scares you. I used Spicy Hot V-8 although I'm sure there are other brands available. London Broil was the cut of meat used in my stew but regular stew meat or any leftover beef meat should work too. I started this recipe in my crock pot but it started to make an electrical burning smell so I had to transfer it to the stove. I think a new crock pot will have to be on my Christmas wish list. I served these with Baking Soda Biscuits.

Recipe adapted from Progresso Soups & More Magazine


Laurie said...

Made this for dinner a few nights ago and it turned out wonderful. My husband loved it so much he has already asked for it to be made again. The aroma it created in the house was awesome. I cooked it in the crock pot all day for about 6 hours and everything was tender. Awesome recipe and will definitely be making again.

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