Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marinated Pork Loin

Serves: 6

1 (1 1/2 lb.) pork tenderloin roast
1 T. sherry
2 T. soy sauce
2 T. brown sugar

Combine sherry, soy sauce and brown sugar in a large resealable plastic bag; shake until smooth. Add roast to bag; seal and marinate 8 hours or overnight. Grill each side over medium heat for 10 minutes. Cook over indirect heat for an additional hour or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees.

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Tips: This pork roast was easy to put together and simple to get on the table with just some white rice and a green salad. If you've never cooked with indirect heat before here's what you do. On a two-burner gas BBQ, turn on both burners to heat the grill. For this recipe, grill the roast for 10 minutes on each side with both burners on. Then turn off the burner under the meat while leaving on the other burner. Try to keep the lid closed as much as possible during the grilling time. If you grill on a charcoal BBQ, try pushing the coals to one side and leaving your meat on the other side to get the indirect heat effect.

I try to find a large piece of pork tenderloin on sale (often for less than $2.00/lb.) and then have the meat counter cut it into several roasts and chops. I can usually get 5-6 meals for my family from one $15.00 piece of meat. If you don't usually keep sherry on hand, you can buy a small bottle of cooking sherry that is often located near the vinegars in the grocery store. If you're looking for another recipe to use it in, try Chicken Tetrazzini or Sherry Chicken. I also shared this recipe at Tales from the Fairy Blogmother's What's Cooking Wednesday.

Recipe from The Four Ingredient Cookbook


Nutmeg Nanny said...

Yummy marinade! I have some pork in the fridge and this marinade will work very well:)

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