Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have been a member of Upromise for 5 years now, which is even before I had kids. If you aren't familiar with Upromise it is a way to save for college just by purchasing groceries and buying online like you usually would. The best part about it is that it costs you nothing!

The way it works is this: You sign up at, then register your grocery cards (i.e. Safeway card, Kroger card, etc.). There is a huge list of brand name products that will earn you usually 1%-3% into your Upromise account whenever you make a purchase. That might not sound like much but if your children are young (or you haven't had kids yet) this can really add up over time. You can also earn money buying online when you go to the Upromise website first and then click through to the retailer.

The greatest new thing Upromise has introduced is eCoupons. These are coupons that you activate to your Upromise account for real coupon amounts (i.e. 50¢-$1.00). Then when you purchase that particular item, you receive the regular percentage as well as the coupon amount into your account. Check my coupons post to see what Upromise eCoupons are available this month!


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